Trusting For the Better “Yes”

5 Jul

We have all been there.

Praying, pleading and begging God to speak, act, or move on the behalf of ourselves or someone we love. At best, God seems silent. At worst, downright absent.hope sign dreamstime

I’ve been there a million times, but one incident, in particular, stands out. It’s how I ended up in Dallas/Fort Worth.

At the tender age of twenty-one, I had my Bachelor’s degree in journalism in one hand and my dreams in the other. Fresh out college and ready to go, I papered Kansas City and Topeka with resumes and demo tapes, all to no avail. I couldn’t understand it. I had spent an entire summer working on camera as a news reporter at the NBC affiliate in Topeka. I had spent over a year as a news personality on our highly acclaimed college radio station. I had believed with all my heart that God had opened doors and paved trails up to this point so that I could work in radio.

Where was God now? Why wouldn’t He speak?

No doors were opening. In fact, neither my degree nor my experience seemed to warrant a return phone call.

Then finally, a crack. KBEQ in Kansas City was looking for a  promotions assistant that would, along with several administrative duties, load and unload the promotional van. It paid $16K a year, approximately $11K less than I was currently making at my until-I-can-get-my-dream-job job, and I went for it.




With my broken heart and my tail between my legs, I did what I believed God was telling me to do and drove down to the DFW area so I could, gulp, move in with my parents and figure my life out.

Four weeks later I had a job at a radio station.

The point of this?

God is a good, good Father (thank you, Chris Tomlin). And because He is a good Father, He knows just when to tell us “no.”

I get it. I am a mother. My two children are nine and ten, and if given their way, they would never eat vegetables, never stop playing video games, and never brush their teeth. Because they cannot yet operate in wisdom, I make many decisions for them and tell them “no” a lot.

But when I tell them no, it’s not without purpose. It’s because I want them to trust me for the better “yes.”

When I say “no” to cake, cookies, and candy, I am saying “yes” to health and wellness. When I say “no” to video games, I am saying “yes” to imagination and creativity. When I say “no” to staying in PJ’s all day I am saying “yes” to self-care.

If I could go back in time and chat with twenty-one-year-old Rebecca, I would not tell her how the story turns out (partly because it’s still being written). I wouldn’t tell her that the guy she’s with is nothing compared to the guy she’ll one day meet and marry. I wouldn’t tell her that she would ride the radio train through Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond. I wouldn’t tell her any of it because the faith I have comes from the bumpy road I had to travel with no other light than the Son. But I would tell her this:

Trust God For the Better Yes

Trust Him when there’s no end in sight.

Trust Him when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

Trust Him when the world is spinning too fast and the ground is shaking under your feet.

Trust the One who can’t be shaken.

Trust that you are “His handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance” for you to do. Trust that God does not give us dreams and passions to frustrate us. God is not a carrot-dangling God. He is faithful to call us, prepare us, equip us, and when the time is right, use us for His perfect purposes.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves us enough to tell us to wait for the better “yes.”

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