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Connecting the Dots to the Unconnected

19 Nov

If we are going to “connect to the unconnected,” we must have 5 things in place: We must connect to the Holy Spirit. We must BELIEVE the Bible is what it says it is. We must BELIEVE Jesus is who He says He is. We must be able to explain why we believe what we believe, and we must LIVE like we believe what we believe.
Join Rebecca Carrell on this awe-inspiring talk that is guarenteed to boost your faith as she “connects the dots to the unconnected.”

From Worrier to Warrior Lesson 6

19 Nov

From Worrier to Warrior, lesson 5 – The Commander

15 Oct

God wants to make you into a mighty weapon (Isaiah 41:13-15; Romans 6:13)!! When you allow God access into every area of your life, you become more than an agent of peace, you become a WEAPON of peace.

From Worrier to Warrior, lesson 4 (The Counterfeit)

4 Oct

The Apostle Paul makes a bold proclamation in 2 Corinthians 10:3-4, stating that we are in a spiritual battle. If we are in a war, wouldn’t we want to know something about the enemy we’re fighting? In tonight’s lesson we review the available game-footage we have on our enemy, as we come face to face with “The Counterfeit.”




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