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Bridging the Great Divide

18 Aug

On Saturday, August 12th, a group of white supremacists and far right wingers marched to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.  Fights broke out between the hate group and counter-protestors, and then twenty-year-old James Alex Fields, Jr., drove his gray Dodge Challenger into the marchers. Fields injured nineteen and killed a thirty-two-year-old woman walking to support her non-white friends and coworkers before slamming his car into reverse and trying to escape.

It seems as though our nation—the country that I love, the only home I’ve ever known—is unraveling before our eyes.

I prayed as I made the thirty-five-minute drive from Flower Mound to downtown Dallas the following Monday morning. I co-host a morning show on 90.9 KCBI, and I knew I could not stay silent. I asked the Lord to give me words of hope and comfort, counsel and healing, not because I think people look to me to weigh-in on everything, but because God has put a large microphone in front of my mouth and I want to steward it well.

When I spoke, all of the pent up anger and emotion came tumbling out in these three words:

God. Hates. Racism.

He hates it. And I hate it.

I hate the unfairness of it; the illogic of it. I hate that so many of my brothers and sisters have been marginalized, passed over, persecuted, or nothinged because of their beautiful, chocolate brown skin.

I hate that the security guard who protects our building every day had to have a conversation with his two tween-aged children about our nation’s climate before they went back to school, which included the proper way to respond to racial slurs.

I hate that my barista at Starbucks, whose eyes filled with tears when I asked her how she really was, was afraid to be separated from her phone because she has family in Virginia. (more…)